La Maison d'Art

Holiday house at Chef-Boutonne, Poitou-Charentes, France

With Jean David – combine a creative journey with a beautiful landscape…

Jean David, France Painter, Poitou Charente, Landscape Paintings, Plein Air, Studio , Painting Holiday

Set in the tranquil French countryside, La Maison d’Art offers painting holidays in beautiful surroundings for lovers of all things French. Get creative and rouse your inner artist on a painting holiday. Go, sit, stare and take in the view. Combine France’s superb scenery, and expert tuition from the inspirational Jean David, and experience your picture-perfect art holiday.

Painting holidays are entirely flexible. It is up to you to decide how long you would like to stay, and how many of those days you would like to paint, and how much time you might like to spend sampling the local wine and food, exploring or just relaxing. If you bring a non painting partner or companion, there is plenty to do to keep them entertained. Prior to you arrival, we will contact you so we can understand exactly what your requirements for the holiday are, so we can prepare for your holiday. Similarly, it is up to you how much tuition, if any you require. You might just like to be left alone to explore and paint as you like, or you can book tuition sessions from Jean. These sessions can be plein air landscape outings, or studio work focusing on still life or portraiture, or a combination of both. Jean is an expert painter in all of these genres. Participants in painting holidays at La Maison d’Art have extensive use of Jean’s own private and fully equipped studio during their stay. If you are a beginner, or travelling ‘light’, and find it more convenient not to bring all of your own painting kit with you, Jean can provide all necessary equipment at a supplementary additional cost. In any scenario, Jean shares his wealth of knowledge, offering tips and professional secrets to help you improve your painting.  We find that this approach will inspire and help build your confidence across a range of media, styles and techniques. Beginners are most welcome, and all levels are catered for.  All tuition sessions will include stroke by stroke demonstrations of how Jean approaches a painting.

A painting holiday with Jean David will help you make the most of your abilities, and develop your own approach to brush and knife work, composition and colour and learn how to see things like an artist. But most of all it will let you enjoy the sheer, simple pleasure of painting. 

Click here if you would like to see Jean’s works.


Painting Holiday Rate
As our guest in La Maison d’Art, we can provide you with tuition and facilities according to the following charges which are in addition to your accommodation charges:

Name Option Rates
A Using Jean's Studio and
bring your own painting materials
5 €/day/person
B Option A + Jean provide painting materials 15 €/day/person
C Option B + 2 sessions of lesson with Jean David 100 €/person
D Option B + 6 sessions of lesson with Jean David 250 €/person

Note: 1 session contains maximum 3 hours, and all prices are per person.


Client Testimonials
‘I love the painting classes. Jean is so good, just a line or a smudge on my ordinary effort makes it look great. His direction helps the novice oil painter under stand the medium.’ Caroline

‘I have been attending Jean’s painting classes for a year now.  When I began I had never painted in oils and had not painted at all for years.  I am now creating works which, although I say it myself, are pretty good! I thoroughly enjoy the positivity of the classes in which Jean gives you a free reign whilst advising and giving constructive criticism.’  Lucy.

‘Jean David is a very generous teacher happily sharing all of his painting techniques and tips. His lessons are fun and informative for beginners and more experienced artists alike. I learn lots and really enjoy his classes, I can thoroughly recommend them.’ Maureen.

‘I have no hesitation whatsoever, in recommending Jean David’s art classes to have an internationally renowned artist, of Jean’s talent, and calibre, teaching us, is a privilege. The classes are most enjoyable, with various mediums explored, enabling each individual to develop their own style, at their own pace, with positive critique from Jean, and critical analysis, and, feedback from peers. Jean often paints either alongside us, or will give a demonstration, ie, portrait painting, in oils, he is generous with his knowledge of painting and drawing techniques, and inspires each of us pursue our potential, whether we are beginners, or more experienced artists.’ Nicola

About Jean David
Jean David, France Painter, Poitou Charente, Landscape Paintings, Plein Air, Studio , Painting Holiday

Jean David is an accomplished and commissioned portrait and landscape painter. He has been exhibited by the Royal Institute of Painters in the United Kingdom, and by the prestigious Salon d’Automne in Paris 2014 & 2015. His work is featured in a number of private collections in countries around the world, including Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the USA, France, Switzerland, China and New Zealand. He has over 15 years of art teaching experience.

Jean has studied at the Julian Ashton School of Art at the Rocks in Sydney, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of NSW College of Fine Art and was invited to do an Honours year at the completion of his studies.

Jean currently resides and bases his art practice in France. He travels, paints and exhibits extensively in Europe and Asia.