Monday Art Classes with Jean David


Regular Art Classes with Jean David

Classes are held every Monday at Montalembert (79) and every Tuesday at Fenioux (79) from 11:00 am till 15:00 with a lunch break.

Studio work is the regular agenda. In these sessions, participants  bring in paintings and projects they are working on or wish to commence, and are given advice and instruction to assist with their painting or drawing. Alternately, we set up a still life for all who are interested to paint directly from life.

Life drawing/painting and Portrait studies. are held regularly. Working directly from a life (nude) model or portrait model, participants draw and paint the figure or portrait under the guidance of Jean. Please note there is a supplementary cost per session to cover the cost of the model.

Private lessons can also be catered for to suite your level, and needs. The lessons can be on demand or for specific skills. Jean also provides structured on-going lessons for individuals who wish to continue to improve their painting ability and produce works of a higher quality.

‘I love the painting classes. Jean is so good, just a line or a smudge on my ordinary effort makes it look great. His direction helps the novice oil painter under stand the medium.’ Caroline

‘I have been attending Jean’s painting classes for a year now.  When I began I had never painted in oils and had not painted at all for years.  I am now creating works which, although I say it myself, are pretty good!  I thoroughly enjoy the positivity of the classes in which Jean gives you a free reign whilst advising and giving constructive criticism.’  Lucy.

‘Jean David is a very generous teacher happily sharing all of his painting techniques and tips. His lessons are fun and informative for beginners and more experienced artists alike. I learn lots and really enjoy his classes, I can thoroughly recommend them.’ Maureen.

‘ I  have  no  hesitation   whatsoever,  in recommending   Jean Davids  art  classes,  to have  an internationally  renowned  artist ,  of  Jeans  talent , and calibre,  teaching   us  ,  is  a  privelidge.  The classes  are   most enjoyable,   with  various mediums  explored,  enabling  each  individual  to develop   their  own  style,  at  their  own  pace,  with  positive  critique  from Jean ,  and  critical  analysis  ,  and  , feedback   from  peers. Jean  often paints  either alongside us,  or will give a demonstration , ie,  portrait painting,  in oils,  he  is  generous  with his  knowledge  of  painting   and drawing  techniques,  and  inspires  each  of us  pursue our  potential,   wether we are begginers  ,   or  more experienced  artists.’ Nicola


What you will learn

  • You’ll learn how to see like an artist,
  • Practical painting techniques you need
  • Know how to mix and use colour to great effect
  • Learn how to paint in layers
  • Learn some tips and tricks, normally only found after many years of practices.


Format of the lessons are informal.

  • Beginners welcome, all levels are catered for
  • Small groups, individual attention
  • Oil painting, drawing, pastel, watercolour and mixed media
  • Studio and Plein air sessions available