2017 Calendar



Welcome to my new calendar for 2017! You can click on any of the images above to start the higher quality image slideshow. Again this year, the calendar is available for a number of countries, and contains the  public holidays and major events relevant for each specific country you may want to choose. This year, I am offering FREE SHIPPING and no added country taxes to most parts of the globe, so the price below is for complete delivery to your specified address!

Starting this year, I am also offering a PERSONALISED version which means that for an additional 5 euros, you can have personal dates such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, weddings etc printed with your calendar. To order a personalised version of the calendar, choose ‘personalised’ from the product options ‘Where’ box, and the price will be adjusted at checkout. There is a text box below entitled ‘Personalise your Product’ where you can supply me with the dates, and I can enter them for you. Remember to specify which country version you want for your personalised edition.

If you are buying it as a gift for someone else, you can specify a delivery address other than your billing address and have it delivered directly to your recipient. Remember that as we are keeping the costs as low as possible, delivery may take a week or two depending upon your location, and also that collector and other discounts do not apply to this product.

Please choose the COUNTRY version you want from the ‘Where’ drop-box below , and then hit the ‘ADD TO CART’ button to proceed with your purchase

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Price: from €19.00

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