Why should YOU buy Art?

You might not consider yourself a connoisseur, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t buy art. At a time when everything is replicable and limitless, original art is finite – when you invest in an artwork, you own the only one like it in the world no matter how many times the artist painted that scene or portrait. You own something physical, something with a life of its own that happened in an instant of inspiration. But if you’re not a romantic like I am, here are some more concrete reasons for spending money on art:

1. It’s an investment. In 2011 the art market totalled at $60.8 billion and right now the art market confidence index is up to 29.2 according to Art Price. Fine art has its own place in investment portfolios and work from early and mid-career artists typically increases in value over time. Local art market prices are usually lower – anywhere from $100 – $5000, which makes it both affordable and good for the community.

2. It’s physically good for you. We all know that hanging artwork can brighten up a room, but studies show it also boosts your mood and brain activity too. According to a 2003 study, patients receiving chemotherapy treatment in a room with visual art had anxiety levels 18% lower and depression scores 34% lower than patients in a room without art.

3. It’s personal. When you purchase art, you’re often able to get in touch with the artist, and learn the story behind the work. As a patron you’re familiarized with the artist’s work in the most intimate way as the painting or sculpture becomes part of your house and daily life.

4. It’s customizable. If you don’t find anything you like in traditional art markets, you can find an artist with a style you love and request a commission. You’re able to memorialize a special place or person in the most original way possible, and transitively bring your own work of art into existence. Plus they make amazing gifts when nothing else seems good enough.

5. It’s global. In a world where everyone is constantly connected, the community of patrons, artists and art lovers grows exponentially everyday. This fall Christies will become the first international art auction house to operate independently in China, and the art markets in places like Turkey and Uruguay have been booming since the beginning of 2013.

It’s instantaneous. Although it’s always great to be inspired by an artwork in person, the internet is spreading art everywhere, so now all you have to do is pay and click. With international online galleries like Artsia.com representing artists from all over the world, you can see art from everywhere on your screen all at once and get an original work on the wall without leaving the house.


This article originally appeared as a special guest post by Lindsey Davis, editor at Artsia.com, and was so good I decided to keep it as a permanent item on the blog.

Thanks Lindsay!

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