Spring Light

Oil on MDF board, 30 x 31 cm

For sale

Landscape painting is a concentrated, meditative journey in observation. (Van Waldron)

I painted this one at a river swimming and picnic spot nearby recently. It being the end of winter, the place was completely empty, apart from me, providing a real opportunity of quiet observation….trying a bit more colour and a bit less tone…

Autumn Poplars

Oil on Canvas, 54 x 66 cm


This is one from late last autumn, has just been sold by Le Gallerie D’Arte Calcagno in Sicily. The Gallery is well situated in the port of Catania in Sicily, and has been established since 1974. This is a new relationship for me with this gallery, and I look forward to getting down there and painting a few local scenes as soon as I can!

Although the original is obviously no longer available, prints are available, and you can check the price and sizes by clicking here.