House/Property portraits

Jean explains the concept and process.

‘House or property portraits (for want of a better term) are one of my more popular commissions. Most people spend an enormous amount of time, money and care on their homes, and just as we value a portrait of a family member or loved one, so a house portrait celebrates a home and all it represents. A portrait of your own house is far more than just another painting on the wall, and should reflect the unique beauty of your home. Hence, a number of proud owners are keen to get an original oil painting of their house and land, and this provides an ideal opportunity to create a unique picture of their home and garden. I try to see and portray the house and it’s environment as a unified vista with house spilling into land and vice versa rather than as two separate identities.

The painting process starts with a visit and discussion over the owner’s requirements and what they would want the picture to look like, and, once agreed on the fundamentals, I begin a block-in of the painting on site.

This initial process usually takes about 2 hours of painting time, which I can then take back to the studio and do some more work from photos taken. I prefer to keep the owners in the loop of the painting’s progress, to ensure that they are happy with the unfolding picture, and often send them a photo of the progress of the painting.

I then arrange a time to come out put on the final touches on site and complete the painting, as the light and colors are vitally important to get as right as I can by painting directly from life, plein air.’


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