Jan 292014

Oil on canvas, 40 x 35 cm’s

For sale, at exhibition at Art de la Breche, Niort, France


There is quite a lot of subterranean water in this part of France, and at this location , off to the left a bit, a small river bubbles out of the ground and commences it’s journey towards the sea about a hundred or so kilometres away. This little hamlet is called Sompt, hence the name of the river.

Done entirely on site and plain air, the weather was overcast and misty, with the winter sun trying to peep through every now and then. Hence the subdued but rosy harmony.


  7 Responses to “La Somptueuse”

  1. Love the feel, rainy, wet, so soft.

  2. Nice one Jean
    Leon H

  3. v good one
    Jane W

  4. Hi Jean,

    Nice moody painting – I can imagine walking that road !!



  5. You have created a lovely picture with the most beautiful mists.

  6. Ahhhh, Jean, ariel AND linear perspective in this one! I love the light (how did you DO that?), the reflections, misty haze and rosy hue. It’s so very atmospheric. A really beautiful painting.


  7. Thanks Angela..all accomplished with squinting and colour charts!


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