The Charente at Savigne

Oil on canvas, 20 x 20 cm



‘We live in a rainbow of chaos. (Paul Cezanne)’

Middle of winter here, but a nice sunny day, so was able to paint quite comfortably plein air. Most of the foliage is gone until summer, affording more light to get through and open up the river front, and the spaghetti of branches on all the trees on the bank. Total chaos, which provides the challenge of bringing some form of simplification to the scene.

Cafes at Niort

Oil on canvas, 26 x 20 cm’s

Collection of the artist

jean3 copy

‘Know your art equipment and take care of it.’ (Irwin Greenberg)

This is the first painting that I have completed on my new light weight plein air kit (prototype), which I have made myself. There are several excellent ones on the market, but I figured that I might as well make a custom one for my specific way of painting.

The initial problem I had with the platform being way too wobbly to paint on, has now been resolved after I introduced a heavyweight tripod and metal quick release system.

I found the whole new setup to be refreshingly light and easy to use, and it is somehow reflected in this little painting. Completed on site over about two hours, this is a view of the cafes at Niort in France as the road disappears down towards the river.