Les Jardins a Chateau Javazary

Oil on canvas, 41 x 38 cm

For sale


‘What could be said about me…a man to whom only his painting matters? And of course his garden and his flowers as well.’  Claude Monet

I painted this one in the grounds of the Chateaux Javarzay which is about 10 minutes drive away from the Maison d’Art. It’s a grand old Chateau, and the grounds are well kept and open to the public. The castle was reconstructed in 1514 by François de Rochechouart, governor of Genoa. Its one-time owners include the La Rochefoucauld family, the count of Pontchartrain (a minister of Louis XIV), Guillaume de Lamoignon de Malesherbes (lawyer of Louis XVI). All that’s left of what was once are the two towers and the chapel.

Winter Reflections

Oil on canvas on board, 24 x 30 cm

For sale

‘Contrasting color temperatures are as important as value contrasts.’ (Zoltan Szabo)

This is a view of the light in late winter/early spring as it comes through the trees and onto the water. As the tonal contrasts (values) are not widely differing, I have used warm against cool colours to try to get a lively feel for the energy on the water, trees and sky.