Winter Reflections

Oil on canvas on board, 24 x 30 cm

For sale

‘Contrasting color temperatures are as important as value contrasts.’ (Zoltan Szabo)

This is a view of the light in late winter/early spring as it comes through the trees and onto the water. As the tonal contrasts (values) are not widely differing, I have used warm against cool colours to try to get a lively feel for the energy on the water, trees and sky.

Spring Light

Oil on MDF board, 30 x 31 cm

For sale

Landscape painting is a concentrated, meditative journey in observation. (Van Waldron)

I painted this one at a river swimming and picnic spot nearby recently. It being the end of winter, the place was completely empty, apart from me, providing a real opportunity of quiet observation….trying a bit more colour and a bit less tone…